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Merry Christmas

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The word Christmas means Christ’s Mass that is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. That is why many people go to church on that day. Christmas is celebrated in all countries but in a different way. In Europe it is celebrated on the 25th of December. As usual people decorate their houses and light candles on the Christmas Eve. There is a tradition to decorate the Christmas tree with baubles, glass balls, toys and tinsel. It started in Germany in the 16th century.
The legend says that Martin Luther, an important Christian leader, was walking home through the forest one Christmas Eve. Suddenly he looked up and saw a beautiful starlit sky. The stars looked like as if they were shining on the fir tree branches. When he came home, he put a small fir tree inside his house and decorated it with lighted candles. In England this tradition was introduced by Prince Albert, the German husband of Queen Victoria.

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Pictures and cardsfor thosewho celebrateChristmason December 25.You have a goodChristmas,may the joyand lucksmile upon youall next year,let yoursouls beopen andfull of lightand happiness, relativesmaydelight youwith gifts and smiles. Merry Christmas!

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